Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 Review

Based on the size, Logitech Wireless mouse M305 is smaller than Logitech Mouse M310 as shown in the figure. The Logitech Wireless Mouse M305 offers exceptional comfort and cordless convenience. It is part of The Fantasy Collection from Logitech. Fanciful patterns, dreamy colors: the style of imagination. It is a great gaming mouse, you can see many more here.

The contoured shape and soft rubber grips keep your hand comfortable, even after long hours at the computer. Powerful 2.4 GHz wireless gives you a reliable connection with virtually no delays or dropouts. Enjoy on-the-go convenience—the USB wireless receiver is so small you can leave it in notebook. The good about this mouse is automatic sleep mode turns the mouse off when you’re not using it and power indicator light eliminates surprises. Get responsive, smooth cursor control with high-definition optical tracking (1000 dpi).

Lets take a look on the mouse features:

Ultra-portable mouse in a variety of dreamy new colors and fanciful patterns.

Ergonomic design and soft rubber grips give you extra comfort.

Plug-and forget tiny nano-receiver stays in your notebook?plug it in once and forget about it.

2.4 GHz wireless connection to your Windows PC or Mac.

Width: 3.2 inches

Height: 1.5 inches

Weight: 0.3 pounds

Warranty: 3 years warranty

Colors: Forest green, black, silver, crimson red, blue swirl, pink balance, and dark fleur.

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it:

“I actually bought this elsewhere, got a nice price on it. I would never consider a long-receiver USB-type wireless mouse for a laptop. I can just see them getting hooked and broken over and over, so it was important to have a tiny receiver like this. I admit I’ve not tested the range. I have not tested the battery life (only a few days old). However, this thing’s receiver is awesome; I know it will not break due to its small stature. “

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