Journeys Into London And An Amazing SEO Event

This week I took a really rough and bumpy ride into London, down from Manchester. The ride was exhausting and I hate driving for such long hours but making it into London was truly breathtaking. londonThe views are spectacular, the roads are great, even the view from my first floor balcony in my hotel was really good. I was so happy to be in London, the city of my dreams and I was happy that today I could visit my SEO event!

So to start off, I will tell you about some of the conferences I was visiting. My main goal was to see as many Best SEO events london as I could during my stay. I had to really look deep into the internet to find out about these events that were taking place.

My best friend known as Jamandeep was visiting London during the same dates and told me about Search Engine Vogue’s new event they were hosting, they were going to dive into the realm of anchor texts and how to diversify your anchors safely and properly to avoid over optimization penalties from Google. This was my favorite topic when it comes to SEO, and I was very excited to attend the event with my best friend.

London has a lot to offer from fancy restaurants and fancy lounges, I did spend most of my time at the event hosted by Vogue for SEOs, but I did also spend some time visiting some nice restaurants to see and explore all the food and diversity that London has to offer. I found some great Italian, Chinese and Indian restaurants and the food was delicious. I was so happy that I was in this city and I had no worries other than trying to expand my knowledge and help my brain absorb as much SEO knowledge that I could possibly take in.

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